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eCopy ShareScan Resources Page

The eCopy resources page is your reference page for all the latest software, materials and updates.


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  2. eCopy ShareScan - iEngage - End User Presentation
  3. Equitrac - Video - Unique Value Proposition
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  1. Nuance Print Management for Healthcare
  2. Nuance Print Management for Financial Services
  3. Nuance Print Management Positioning - Use Cases
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Americas Sales Support:
Inside Sales (Print Solutions) - 800.327.0183
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Inside Sales (Capture Solutions) - 240.268.8100 (Select Option 2 For Sales)

Email - ndisales@nuance.com
Americas Technical Support:
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm EST
North American Toll Free - Tel: 1.877.378.4872
North American Toll Free 2 - Tel: 1.888.201.1400
North American Direct - Tel: 1.519.885.2417
Mexico - Tel: +52 55 8421 5803
Brazil - Tel: +55 21 3956 1453
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